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Mission & Vision of Coco Mung'o

CM has evolved since its 1998 creation in NYC by Lenny Dunn, a Bloomingdale's sales associate during the Central Park Summer Concerts series. Ohio and Florida became the cities of the new millennium in 2000. Originally known as only CocoMungo; the sweet world of rhythm and movement; with several monikers that are still relevant today. The primary changes reflects the Social Media Branding for the Godfather of VINE Eric Dunn along with his Sister, Bryana Dunn, the creator of WEB WITH DUNN; to now TRAVEL WELL DUNN a simple website creation along with other seasonal products.


The Mission is to create and sell merchandise through the CM Marketing and Branding of up and coming Millennials.

We develop and distribute a small variety of specific limited edition products through placement with active online social media users of all ages.   


One of the strategic initiatives of this company is to develop and manage product and production programs for live entertainment along with content for broadcast, cable, video, online streaming, mobile devices, content syndication, social media, stage performances, road shows and corporate events.


Using various initiatives CM engages in projects and appearances that are city specific while engaging local, regional and international skilled artist to build prominence using the “CM” brand as its cornerstone.


Our Vision is simple - To place the Creative Minds brand in every continent and have it worn, displayed and used in all walks of life throughout all cultures.

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