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Eric Dunn has gone from your everyday unknown college student to making a name for himself in the powerful world of social media. Since 2013 he has amassed over 3.5 million followers and subscribers among various social media platforms. Making funny video content is a passion he has reluctantly found and he has aspirations of taking it to the next level in Hollywood. He has done all of this while attending Florida Atlantic University and graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Economics. The experiences and laughs he has shared have inspired a generation and he hopes to continue his success after college and begin the path of worldwide leadership! Eric Dunn has partnered with AGAME to create an Eric Dunn Kustomz shoe. When we say I’m on my ‘A-Game’ today, it’s a true statement. A.G.A.M.E.  Stands for “Always Going Above My Expectations!”  Follow his accounts below to keep up with him. 


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